Don Bosco Workers and the Labor Alliance of Westchester work with County Legislators to Introduce New Rules for Contractor Licensing to Protect Workers and Consumers

On Monday, Legislators Nancy Barr & Christopher A. Johnson introduced proposed changes to the Westchester County law for licensing home contractors. These new rules are designed to protect workers from being under-paid or not paid at all.

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New County Legislation to Protect Workers from Home Improvement Businesses Wage Theft

Don Bosco Workers and the Labor Alliance of Westchester Identify New County Legislation to Better Protect Workers from Home Improvement Businesses that Engage in Wage Theft


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Don Bosco Worker’s, Inc. is a grassroots community-organizing group led by Latino immigrant day laborers and other low-income workers in Port Chester, New York. We advocate for full and fair participation in the labor market through workplace rights education, leadership development and popular education methods for identifying social change goals from within the worker community. As part of our goal for full integration of our worker members into the labor force and society, we are committed to English language instruction and civic participation. Our principal concern is to maximize the number of workers hired daily at a fair wage and in safe working environments, while also advocating to end the exploitation of Latino immigrant workers (e.g. wage theft, etc.) by holding employers responsible. A key tenet of our mission is collaboration with other groups on the local and national levels that offer us shared resources, support, and the experience of being part of a larger social movement to advance the dignity of the worker. We are also proud to be a part of the Village of Port Chester and give back to the community through service days, actions on behalf of early childhood education, and other civic causes.