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How to Hire Workers at Don Bosco Workers, Inc.

DBW, INC. director, Emanuel Rodriguez, manages the worker center. The center operates Monday through Saturday, 7am – 10am. We serve both homeowners and businesses. Employers have two options for hiring workers:

Don Bosco Workers, Inc. Hiring Site

Both general and skilled workers are available at our hiring site at 22 Don Bosco Place in Port Chester. Workers register each morning for jobs and are placed in the order that they register. If you are seeking a skilled worker (e.g. painting, construction, etc.), our project director will work with you to select the best person for the job.

Don Bosco Workers, Inc. Job Bank

If you know in advance that you need workers with skills for a particular job, our job bank of more than 150 registered workers allows us to search for the best match for your needs. Please use the form below or contact Emanuel Rodriguez directly via email at erdbosco@gmail.com or phone (914)433-6666

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    Skilled workers are generally paid a minimum of $20 per hour. Estimates by task are available.

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    “The Don Bosco Hiring center gives me the daily opportunity to find work that pays a fair wage. As a member of the Don Bosco Workers Inc, I am part of a community of workers concerned with making a living wage and overcoming barriers to my participation in society, including jobs, affordable housing and the opportunity for US citizenship.”