ESOL Instruction

Don Bosco Workers, Inc. encourages worker participation in ESOL weekly instruction as part of being a member in good standing with the center. In our commitment to full integration into the workforce and inclusion in society for day laborers and other low-income immigrant workers, we consider fluency in English key to achieving this goal. Workers who are comfortable with conversational English are more likely to know their workplace rights and to exercise them. A simple but common example is a situation when a worker is not paid the agreed upon hourly rate or denied overtime payment. In these instances, workers who are able to speak English are more likely to confront employers and stand for their rights.

A new comprehensive immigration reform bill and path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will make English fluency even more critical to the goal of citizenship.

“The Don Bosco Hiring center gives me the daily opportunity to find work that pays a fair wage. As a member of the Don Bosco Workers Inc, I am part of a community of workers concerned with making a living wage and overcoming barriers to my participation in society, including jobs, affordable housing and the opportunity for US citizenship.”