Reading Room

Landmark studies on day labor in the United States and other recent reports on exploitation among the low-wage immigrant labor market.

On The Corner: Day Labor in the United States, 2006
Survey of 2,680-day laborers reports the national phenomenon of day labor in the United States rife with violations of workers’ rights. The report can be found at:

Wage Theft In America, Kim Bobo, 2011
Leader of Interfaith Worker Justice analyzes wage theft as a broad based low-income worker crisis and discusses what community, religious and labor advocates are doing to address it. The book may be ordered at:

Building Community: The Components of a Day Labor Worker Center, NDLON
A summary of best practices for creating and operating a Day Labor Center available at:

Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream, Janice Fine, 2005
Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper available at:


“The Don Bosco Hiring center gives me the daily opportunity to find work that pays a fair wage. As a member of the Don Bosco Workers Inc, I am part of a community of workers concerned with making a living wage and overcoming barriers to my participation in society, including jobs, affordable housing and the opportunity for US citizenship.”