Labor Advocacy

The Wage Theft Initiative helps workers recover unpaid wages, by negotiation with employers or by assisting workers in filing complaints with government agencies.


DBW sponsors many types of workshops for new immigrants on available community resources and workers rights. It also sponsors OSHA courses on worker safety and health several times a year. At the end of the courses the participants receive official OSHA certificates.

Job Dispatch

Job Dispatch is an Program by which daily workers can connect with employers, helping workers negotiate wages and acceptable conditions and giving employers confidence in the qualifications of hires.

Women Empowerment

The Women's Committee sponsors education specifically for women, including community resources (housing, banking, driving, and ESL) and the rights of domestic and factory workers.

We help new immigrants to integrate into our communities


About Us

Don Bosco Workers, Inc. is a community organization that supports immigrant daily workers. It assists workers by facilitating access to regular employment, negotiating fair wages and safe working conditions. It educates workers on their rights, safety and health regulations and assists them in recovering unpaid wages, including legal advocacy. DBW collaborates with other community organizations to bring about positive institutional change.

It encourages the formation of community empowerment through self-help, self-advocacy and initiative.


Why should you help us?


Strengthen Community

Integrating new immigrants is how this country was built. For the common good, established members can continue to strengthen our communities by contributing to the mission of DBW.


Foster Belonging

By providing a sense of belonging to our communities all members benefit, new arrival as well as established members.


Social Initiatives

In supporting DBW you contribute to broad social initiatives for institutional change through DBWs participation. Direct action by grass roots organizations like DBW is essential to guide the evolution of our social norms for a more just and productive future.

Promoting changes for social growth

Our leaders

Our team consists of all the community members. Our seasoned leaders are dedicated to the empowerment of each and every member.

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Pedro Pena
Labor Education
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Christina Munoz
Women Empowerment
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Gonzalo Cruz
Labor Advocacy

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Our Projects

Here are some of the projects that you can help us build by donating to Don Bosco Workers Inc.

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